Friday, March 25, 2011

To Edit or Not To Edit?

If Shakespeare was correct and all the world really is a stage… does that mean life in Los Angeles is a movie? And if that is, in fact, true… how great would it be to manipulate our everyday life with the help from a post-production team? Think about it. A bad interview could be edited out from memory, mundane conversation could be covered up with a rousing soundtrack, and mind-numbing errands could be contorted into a much more interesting montage. Life would be so much easier.

That’s exactly where we are with A Boy’s Life. Our post-production team has crashed through the proverbial gates and we’re amidst the illustrious and quite meticulous editing phase. Our editor, Frank Mohler, and I have been working closely together to make sure the pacing and tone of the film is consistently effective and our working relationship couldn’t be better. We have a little less than a month until picture lock and then it moves on to sound design and music.

On a different note, we’re still on the hunt for more production funds. Raising money for a short film is like shopping for a leather jacket in summer. Doesn’t seem possible – not even probable – but if you’re really lucky and relentlessly determined, you just might find the perfect jacket in the perfect store with the perfect fit. If you know of anybody… perfect... please send them our way. To refer back to my friend Shakespeare again – “Nothing can come of nothing”. (Though, if you know King Lear, please don’t condemn us to the same fate as Cordelia…)

Our Executive Producer, Luke Bishop, checking out the space with Director of Photography Aaron Moorhead.

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