Director Statement

Think back to your childhood.  Specifically, right after you were tucked in your bed and the lights were turned off.  What do you remember?  The cracks under the floorboards? The tapping on the window pane? The howling of the wind?  These were just a few sounds that rushed through my eardrums when I was a little boy.  After the sun set, I feared shutting my eyes because I’d constantly conjure up images from these particular noises and my imagination would run wild.

This sparked the basis for this story.  I wanted to make a film about a boy and his biggest fear, however I didn’t want to tell your traditional coming-of-age tale.  Not directly.  I wanted a story about a boy versus his “inner-demons” and where those “demons” originated. 

Therefore, I decided to ask people from all walks of life a mere question: Where did your fears stem from when you were younger?  What was the root for your nightmares and how did you overcome those fears?  Through this research, I received the expected answers – scary stories, horror movies, weekly television series, etc. 

However, that being said, several answers I wasn’t expecting emerged.  A few sources revealed that their personal family drama served as a catalyst for the fears.  Whether it was divorce, abuse, or an absent parent, these revelations proved that it’s not only a wandering imagination that causes a child’s “inner-demon” to be revealed. 

That’s my intention with this film.  When does reality seep so deep into a child’s subconscious it begins to take on a completely different form?  And who’s actually telling the truth – the child or the parent?

There’s so much more conflict hiding in the deep shadows than just a child’s fear.  As adults, we may be too preoccupied with everyday life to notice.  Yet, to a child, there may just be something even bigger disguised underneath.  Perhaps it’s purely an idea, or a heightened imagination.  Or perhaps, it really is a monster…

 - Elias Benavidez