Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Fundraiser Part 2

Hello Monsters!

We’ve entered one of the most exciting phases of making a film – Post Production. This is the time where we’ve shot the footage and it’s now a jigsaw puzzle – essentially piecing together every artistic component to create something meaningful and beautiful. We have an amazing post team who acquire the talent and tenacity to enhance the film’s quality and entertainment.

As we enter this phase, we must also enter the second phase of fundraising as well. While making a short, there are tons of unforeseen costs and expenditures that are either overseen or unavoidable. This short makes no exception. We’re on a mission to raise an additional $4,000 – most of which is going towards deferred payments/loans. The remaining is going towards Post-Production.

I’m fully aware the amount of support we’ve received from so many people, and that support hasn’t gone overlooked. However, we humbly continue to ask for additional financial donations and hope, with your help, we can complete this wonderful film in its entirety.

To donate, please click on the tab above and make a fully tax-deductible donation to the film. Thank you.

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