Wednesday, January 19, 2011

A Monstrous Thank You!

You know those moments in movies where the entire community unites and work together towards a victorious resolution? Pleasantville, Akeelah and the Bee, The Dark Knight… The neighborhood selflessly comes together to create something wonderful and inspiring. That’s exactly how it feels right now.

Let's recap. These past several months have been tough. I’ve never been keen on asking for help, and definitely not a student of asking for money. However, being a filmmaker with a dream, it’s tough to move forward without the support from the people around you. (Side note: Sometimes I wish my dream was inexpensive like crocheting… or lucrative like, oh I don’t know, finding gold. Alas, my dream is making movies and funding a film is as hard as, oh I don’t know, finding gold!)

However, with the help of an amazing team, friends, and family, we were able to raise the funds to make A Boy’s Life. Please know, none of this would be possible without the kind contributions from all of you. This whole fundraising process hasn’t only humbled me, but inspired me to be the best artist I can possibly be. Speaking on behalf of Allison Vanore and the entire Production Crew, we truly appreciate every single donation and will do everything within our power to ensure an entertaining and beautiful product.

Thank you to everyone! This one’s for you.

Co-Executive Producers

Steve & Dolores Benavidez, Lydia Schoenberger

Associate Producers

Joe Hernandez, The Presta Family, Rob Campbell, Michael DeFranco, Brian McLaughlin, and James Srygley.


Jennifer Ansbach, Jesse Averna, Lisa Batten, Michael Bekemeyer, Charles & Brigit Benavidez, Elisa Benavidez, Ben Brussell, Karla Bryant, Christopher Burnham, Joan Cardile, Kimberly Carrasco, Josepha Castro, Lawrence & Eleanor Dahners, David Darbandi, Suzette Daum, Michael & Donna Demelio, Kelli Dickinson, Michael Dunning, Chanel Eakin, Kimberly Fassetta, Tai Fauci, Rachael Gallaghan, Mark Gardner, Jon Gothard, Mike Hanke, Krista Haywood, Richard Hicks, Courtland Jones, Daniel Jury, Virginia Knust, Michelle Kunzelmann, Joseph Neuburger, Lisa Oaks, Andrew Peralta, Joe & Debbie Perez, Robert & Mary Perez, Tony Perez, Jennifer Platt, Paolo Presta, Marcelo Quinonez, Max & Barbara Ragsdale, Travis Rink, Adam Rotenberg, Joey & Sue Samoy, Jamison Scala, Stacey Shevlin, Larry & Angie Sifuentes, Lorenzo Sifuentes, Joslyn Sifuentes, Kevin Slack, Erik A Smith, Mo Stemen, David Trudell, Frank Vanore, Brooke Wiegman, and Ryan Young.

Special Thanks for the TACOathon!

Rob Gokee, Diane Beck, Krista Vanore, Vianessa Castanos, Jamie Fishback, Alicia Ying, Robb Padgett, Sheila Daley, Heath Vinyard, and Laurie Records.

And, last but certainly not least, everyone who took part in reposting Tweets, Facebook messages, spreading the word, and morally supporting the project.

Thank you.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Welcome Loraine - The Female Lead

Some exciting casting news! We have our Loraine! Please welcome Christie Lynn Smith to the team.

One word that instantly comes to mind when describing Christie Lynn's acting talent is versatile. With her natural beauty and strong emotional depth, Christie has been termed a chameleon for her ability to morph from character to character. Equally adept at drama and comedy, she is now a veteran of over forty television series and a wonderful collection of films.

Christie then started to work consistently in television, guest-starring on many of Aaron Spelling's hit shows like Beverly Hills, 90210, 7th Heaven and Charmed. Her most recent television credits range from recurring roles on Bones, Malcolm in the Middle, General Hospital and Days of Our Lives to guest appearances on Justified, Chase, Castle, Boston Legal, House, Three Rivers, Saving Grace, ER, Las Vegas, Monk, Without a Trace, and CSI to name a few.

Most recently, she had a memorable role in the 2010 remake of The Crazies that you can check out below!

Thank you to our amazing Casting Director (Dylan Jury) and fantastic casting team (Stephanie Rabinowitz and Joslyn Sifuentes) for putting together an awesome cast!

Monday, January 3, 2011

Welcome Max - the Male Lead

We are extremely and positively excited to introduce one of our leads! He caught the acting bug at an early age and has been working on a variety of projects ever since. Most recently, he’ll be starring alongside Jennifer Aniston in next month’s Adam Sandler comedy Just Go With It.

Please welcome the precocious and talented Griffin Gluck!

Check him out in the trailer below!

A big thank-you to our amazing Casting Director, Dylan Jury, for making this happen. He's the miracle worker and has yet another amazing actress in mind for Loraine.

Stay Tuned!