Monday, July 11, 2011

Vast as Space, Timeless as Infinity

Accolades and we haven’t even finished the film yet. While we’re still rounding the corner, nearly approaching the finish line, we’ve received great news for A Boy’s Life. The screenplay is a finalist for the Rod Serling Scriptwriting Competition. If you’re unaware of the “fifth dimension beyond that which is known to man”, Rod Serling is the creator of The Twilight Zone and a huge inspiration for the story (as well as myself as a filmmaker). I’m extremely excited to have his wife, Carol Serling, read my story – whether it places or not.

Beside that, we’re less than a week away from submitting the film to its first festival! The AFI Fest is our first shot out of the ring, and then we’re off on our much-anticipated festival run.

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