Wednesday, May 25, 2011

A Strong Foundation

The walls are up, the windows are placed, and the wooden floors have been installed. Now, after months of hard work, it’s finally time to decorate.

We’re close to placing every component of the film and nearly finished with A Boy’s Life – and I couldn’t be more pleased. Let me digress for a second… the main reason for this blog was (and is) to keep everyone involved up-to-date with the progress of this short film. Whether you were part of the cast, crew, or a donor, every one of you helped make this film and I consider you part of this team.

A little tidbit about myself: Being a filmmaker is more than just making movies. It’s more than just expressing a vision. It’s sincerely about collaboration and working within a team to create something distinct and special. Sure, it’s always a great feeling when a story reaches an audience, though it digs deeper than that. A film builds a family. We’re the root foundation of this structure we’re creating. We’ve worked long hours sweating over bricks, cement, and plies of wood to create something that stands strong. I believe this film embodies that.

The music I’ve heard sounds amazing. The sound design is nearly completed. And the opening titles, created by Nipa Eason, are looking wonderful (a sneak peek above).

Now, as we’re deeply involved with the meticulous details of post-production, it’s nearly time to open the doors…

Stay tuned for our strategy for distribution.

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