Thursday, February 10, 2011

Production Eve

Hello Team (Production, Post-Production, and Donors),

Just wanted to send a word or two before we begin production tomorrow and thank you all for your hard work, contributions, and willingness to go on this adventure and bring this little film to life.

As you know from the script (or synopsis), it’s a basic tale with lots of heart to it – and for a short film, it’s definitely being handled with the care and professionalism as a feature. It ain’t going to be easy, but it should be fun.

Here are some things to keep in mind:

We’re trying to make a film about a mother and son who’ve become stricken by the same tragedy and are coping with this loss in completely different ways. On one side, we have a woman who lost her way. She’s become disconnected from what she knew and in some ways, forgot how to be a mother. On the other side, we have a boy who has conjured up his own monster in place of his father. The film "look" will be constructed in the same manner – two different people in two different worlds. The ambience will feel different until they’re finally on the same page and she feels she needs to enter her son’s world to cope with her own fears and save him from his own. That works, of course, until she brings that monster into her own world…

Many of the shots will be moving (dolly and/or jib) as we are setting up this fluid, cinematic world. The shots will be stylized. The visuals even somewhat dramatized. It’s a very modern-day Twilight Zone – heart meets horror.

Everything is shotlisted and storyboarded, and Aaron and I have a firm grasp on where we need to go visually.

I think we have a great opportunity to do something special. Every single person working on this film is equally a part of it and I hope we can all take pride in it as a group.

Thank you again for your hard work and desire to jump in.

Now hold your nose and close your eyes, here we go.


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