Thursday, February 3, 2011

The End is Near

One week left. That’s all. One week!! We can see the light. The end of the tunnel approaches. Just 7 days until we reach the day all this prep work and pre-production has been geared towards. Time has definitely zoomed by, but everyone on this team has been unbelievable. Each department has pulled out all the stops – meticulously handling this film with the same care and diligence as a full-fledged feature.

Within the last month, we’ve merged as a united cinematic team and couldn’t be more excited to begin shooting. For those who have been supporting us throughout our pre-production process, we just wanted to fill you in on all the progress.

- Location, Location, Location: We’ve locked down our house – we begin moving in next week.

- Table Read/Rehearsal: Just last weekend, the department heads and cast met for our first official gathering. Our first table read was a success and the actors are fantastic. One more rehearsal to go, then we’re ready to tackle the camera.

- Dressing the Set: Our fearless Production Designer, Melissa, has been scouring the city looking for amazing set pieces and props.

- Dressing the Cast: Joslyn, our designer, had a wonderful fitting with our actors and collaborating with each department to get the perfect garb.

- Equipment: Our Production team (Allison, Luke, Melanie) have been organizing the camera, lighting gear, and expendables amazingly. This isn’t an easy shoot, everyone. This takes a well-oiled team to put this together.

- Food: Luke & Ian has spearheaded this department – a task I undertook myself for my last short, and it definitely takes a lot of work to put a menu together.

- Stunts: Yes, we have stunts. And a stunt team choreographing the precise movements for some of the more crazy scenes.

- Visuals: Aaron and I have created storyboards and a shot list – detailed enough to provide the team with what we’re planning to create visually.

- Lock & Load: This upcoming week will be filled with confirmations. Confirming equipment, crew, and budget – eye on the prize!

This is just a drop in the bucket, but we’re all confident that this production won’t only be hardworking, but above everything else… fun. That’s why we make movies, right?

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