Monday, November 22, 2010

Casting Commences - The Search for Max

Joslyn Sifuentes, Dylan Jury, Allison Vanore, & Stephanie Rabinowitz at our second casting session of the production.

Ah, the lovely casting phase. It’s the time of the production where you’re forced to wipe the character’s physical image you so effortlessly created within your imagination and replace it with an actual person. However, sifting through the countless headshots, it’s not just an image we’re casting. It’s a feeling. An embodiment of everything you’d so hope to illustrate on screen.

This past weekend, our Casting Director (Dylan Jury) put together an amazing casting session consisting of over thirty boys, accompanying parents, and a bottle of Advil. In the span of three hours, we auditioned for the part of Max and couldn’t be happier with the options. Sure, a few boys stood out, but I felt fortunate to have as many choices as we did.

As far as the casting process goes, I’m still a bit shaky. Perhaps it’s because I’ve yet to work with child actors, but the direction and vocabulary used for these kids is completely different than you would with adults. I learned the more succinct and visual I was, the better they’d understand. Not for nothing, but the special features for Close Encounters were more than just an entertaining passing glance…

What happens now? We have a handful of boys left to see until we make a final decision, and then, with much excitement and anticipation, onto Loraine.

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