Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The Illustrious Image Board

Ah, the beginning phase of film production. The magic. The wonder. The possibilities. It’s the moment during the movie-making process where the film’s merely an idea and even the stars are reachable.

That’s where I’m at right now… the illustrious image board phase. Sure, each filmmaker begins the process differently. I mean, Tim Burton probably does a few lines of coke then heads to Barbados. Me? I create image boards (well, not so much "create", but scour the Internet for an inkling of inspiration). I compile an array of images that have some sort of color connection, design, and (above all else) feeling that inspires whomever is observing.

During the pre-production process, I aspire to connect with my collaborators and hopefully interject some sort of visual and emotional response from a simple image.

Please reference Exhibit A (Image Board #1). The images below are the first batch I’ve pieced together and, to me, evoke a few of the many feelings I’m hoping to have in this short film. Note the dark colors, ornate texture, and eerie shades of grays, blues, and yellows. Gorgeous, I know. :)

Don’t worry, I’m not about to spell my thought process out to you. I mean, my intention isn’t to explain the feeling, but instead let these images speak for themselves. To allow the magic, wonder, and possibilities not be just an "idea", but something much more tangible. The stars perhaps?

I certainly hope it comes across that way. Otherwise, Mr. Burton may need to make room for me on his charter to Barbados.

Image Board #1

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